How to script all Jobs in SQL Server Management Studio

cofee_book.pngWhen you need script more than one job from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio by right click with mouse 'Script job', you will find you can script only one object and you cannot choose more than one job at once. Even with Shift or Ctrl key. Script all of then one by one can be really long and unpleasure work. But there is a an easy way, how to script all jobs (or objects like views, tables etc.).

 For script all jobs you need to open 'Object Explorer Details' from View menu in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or press F7 key.

Than you can clik on any job there, choose more of them with Ctrl or Shift key or select all of them and with right mouse click you can select the scripting option you need. This will create all selected jobs into one script query. It can be created as script to query window, saved to file etc. 

Object Explorer Details can be for all other objects thats are not easy to create in bulk. Like views, tables etc.

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