MySQL-serverAs I'm coming from Microsoft SQL Server environment, working with MySQL is constantly surprising me in many ways, both good and bad :) In contrast to MS SQL I need to focus significantly more on the performance of our queries and be prepared that everything is not as easy as in MS SQL world :)

joomla-migrace-sql-scriptWhen I migrated one of my web site from Joomla 1.5 into Joomla 3.3 I found there is finally nice feature in Joomla 3.x called Images and Links, which is assigned image to article like thumbnail images in Wordpress. New themes know what to you in responsive templates and it works really nice. Well if you have assigned images. To not do it manully I created parsing SQL scripts, that will help you do it on one click.



cofee_book.pngToday I get interesting question. How to merge in MySQL two tables, where could be same primary key and different values. Result should be as select from one table with key column and 2 columns with both values from two tables, each in separate column.