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SQL_icon_base.jpgCommon situation, you need to make same changes in database, and you have column name.  But you aren't sure in which tables this column is, where to look etc. Here is the simple solution.

This is simple query that returns you list of all tables and schemas with specific column name. All you need is Copy & Paste and then change string value 'columnname' to name you are searching. This query find also similar columns, where part of columnname string is part of column name. If you are searching exactly specific column name change '%columnname%' into 'columnname'.


declare @SearchColumn as varchar(255)
SET @SearchColumn = '%columnname%'
SELECT AS table_name
,SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name
, AS column_name
sys.tables AS t
INNER JOIN sys.columns c 
WHERE LIKE @SearchColumn


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